Returned and Services League Tasmania

RSL Tasmania Governance Review

RSL Tasmania appointed Elm Consulting Australia (Elm) in January 2019 to conduct a governance review of RSL Tasmania and provide recommendations for the creation and implementation of a best practice governance framework.

The inputs for this review included: thorough consultation with RSL Tasmania State Executive, members and key stakeholders; analysis of RSL Tasmania’s current governance and operational documentation; research into Australian and international best practice governance theory for not-for-profits, including from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Institute for Company Directors (AICD); and Elm’s significant professional experience in contemporary best practice governance.

Elm put forward eight principles and 28 recommendations to guide the adoption of a contemporary, best practice governance framework that is appropriately tailored to RSL Tasmania’s unique purpose, size and activities. These principles and recommendations focus on a strong commitment to keeping veterans and their families at the centre of all governance and management decision-making through greater stakeholder engagement, and the implementation of a skills-based Board of Directors that can drive RSL Tasmania’s strategic objectives and govern effectively for future sustainability.

Throughout the review process, the current members of the RSL Tasmania State Executive have committed to transitioning to a new governance model which will serve RSL Tasmania and its members and achieve future sustainability. RSL Tasmania supports the recommendations set out in this document and welcomes the opportunity to consult further with the full membership and receive feedback.

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