Returned and Services League Tasmania

State President

Robert Dick

Robert Dick

Robert has been an active member of the RSL since 1991 and, on moving to Tasmania, has held all Executive positions on Sub Branch Committees. He served on the RSL (Tasmania) State Executive in 2012 and held the position of Tasmanian RSL State President from May 2013 until March 2017.

Robert was elected to the position of Deputy National President of the League in June 2015, a position he held until his appointment as National President in March 2017 a position he held until July 2018.

He has a wealth of experience in Corporate Governance and Board membership, having served on the Board of the Bendigo Community Bank for the Geeveston/Dover region in the Huon Valley for 4 years, and on the Board of the Huonville Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) for 4 years, serving as President of the BEC for 2 of those years.  Robert was also a Community Board Member on the Huon Valley Community Health Advisory Committee.  He is a current Board Member and Chairman of Huon Regional Care (formerly Huon Eldercare), a leading Aged Care Provider in Tasmania, a position he has held since September of 2017.  

He is currently studying Administrative Law and has recently participated in Governance training courses covering the subjects of Governance for Directors, Finance for Directors and Strategy and Risk Management, all conducted by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.   Robert is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is also a member of the Institute of Community Directors Australia.

Robert served in the Royal Australian Air Force for 21 years, prior to gaining private sector employment in management positions in Project Management and implementation which included management of national and international contracts for goods and services for a major Australian resource company for 10 years.  Following this, he successfully ran his own business for 10 years, which he ended up selling in early 2013 in order to dedicate his time and experience to the Returned and Services League (Tasmania Branch).

Robert is strongly committed to the on-going future welfare of our veterans, ex-servicemen and women and their dependents. He strongly believes that the RSL needs to keep up with and adapt to the needs of our members as well as the technology utilized by younger veterans and ex-service personnel. There is a need for the RSL to learn what motivations the younger veterans and ex-service personnel have, in order to adapt to their needs whilst maintaining our tradition of support and maximization of benefits to our members who represent and uphold the heritage of the RSL.   We need to engage with current service and ex-service members and their families in order to assist them in our changing society. 

He believes in open communication with our members about all initiatives designed to further the RSL and to promote the welfare and interests of our target group and their families. Robert is decisive and approaches all problems with an open mind and is not afraid to tackle seemingly difficult tasks or to ask the tough questions.

Robert is committed to working tirelessly to advance the objects of the RSL, the well-being of our members and all serving and ex-service personnel and their families.

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