Supporting Tasmania’s Veterans Report

RSL Tasmania provide this report for all to able to better understand our Tasmanian Veterans. Despite its creation in 2019 it is the most current report of it’s kind available.

Report Foreword by the then RSL Tasmania President Robert Dick.

“As part of its’ Governance Review, RSL Tasmania commissioned a research project to better understand the challenges facing the Defence Family in Tasmania, thereby enabling us to better meet their needs, both now and into the future. The understanding of the Defence Family predominantly as it exits, after service in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), is misunderstood by all levels of Government, the ADF, Ex-Service Organisations and the community in general.

The Defence Family is suffering however, armed with this research, we can co-operatively work towards creating a better future for our current serving and ex-serving members and their families. If we can connect with this group early in their transition, we can work towards a better quality of life.

The results will empower RSL Tasmania to advocate in a more effective manner on behalf of the Defence Family. The results and findings will also be utilised by RSL Tasmania in the development of our Strategic Planning to better meet the needs of this community, now and into the future.”

Robert Dick


RSL Tasmania

Download the document here and find the associated infographic showing the key facts and learnings from the report below.