The Frank MacDonald MM Memorial Prize is a joint initiative between RSL (Tasmania) and the State Government of Tasmania.

It was first introduced after the death of Tasmania’s last WW1 veteran, Frank MacDonald MM in 2003 as a ‘living’ memorial to Frank’s memory. The Memorial Prize is open to all Year 9 students in Tasmania and is conducted through the State Education Department. It comprises an essay or visual display on a selected topic which is then judged by a panel made up of staff from the RSL, State Government and State Education Department.

In late September each year, six student prize winners are announced. Those six students, accompanied by two teachers, an RSL (Tasmania) delegate, a State Government representative and State Government Tour Co-ordinator will undertake a Study Tour travelling in the following year. The locations of the Study Tour will be determined in conjunction with Public Health Advice at the time.

Prize application information: Department of Education – Frank MacDonald MM Memorial Prize