Returned and Services League Tasmania

Eligibility Criteria

Service Member
Any person who has served in the Australian Defence Force, or served with or supported, or was otherwise engaged with the Australian Defence Force or the Armed Forces or its allies for at least six months, or any other position provided for in the by-laws, may be admitted as a service member of the league.

Affiliate Member of the Tasmania Branch.

Eligible persons who may be accepted as affiliates are those who do not qualify for service membership but may be any of the following:
   Any relative of a service or life member of the RSL or a relative of a person at the time of his or her death was eligible to be a service member of the league. An applicant must be 18 years or older.
B    A person awarded a certificate of merit or a national or state certificate of appreciation for valuable service to the league.
C    A person who is or has been a member for at least six months, of one of the following:
A state or federal police force,

An ambulance service or brigade,

A fire brigade or fire authority,

A state emergency service
Within the Tasmania Branch the following eligibility applies:
Any such person deemed by the Sub Branch Committee to have demonstrated empathy with the Objects of the League and a desire to assist the League in its work, may be admitted as an Affiliate, with the approval of the State Branch
If you qualify for either of these memberships, the RSL urges you to join your local RSL sub-branch. By doing so you are assisting in the welfare of ex-servicemen and women, war widows and dependants in the local community. You are also supporting the men and women of the Australian Defence Force.

Contact Details:

RSL Tasmania

206 New Town Rd

Telephone: 03 6242 8900
Facsimile: 03 6242 8911