Returned and Services League Tasmania

Scottsdale RSL Sub-Branch

Our Club is a great place to come and enjoy a relaxing beverage and have a game of Bowls or 8 Ball with your friends. We have a Bistro which serves dinner Wednesday through to Saturday. We can also host your next function.

Members and guests welcome!

30 George Street, Scottsdale   TAS  7260

Postal Address:
56 Pennells Road
Scottsdale   TAS   7260

Facebook: Scottsdale RSL & Community Club | Facebook

Phone: 6352 7256

Welfare: 6352 7256

We provide support and assistance for current and former members of the Australian Defence Forces and their families. If you know of someone in our local area who needs our help, please let the Sub-Branch know.

President: Edward Furnell – 0408 410 667

Secretary: Belinda Sommerville-Hall – 0467 212 527

The Scottsdale RSL Military Museum is adjacent to the Sub-Branch and houses an extensive range of military memorabilia from the Boer War to present day conflicts. The centrepiece of the Museum is an Iroquois helicopter. These helicopters were used extensively by Australians during the Vietnam War, and nicknamed ‘Huey’ by the troops. For any enquiries please call 6352 3193.

Museum Website: Home (

Contact Details:

RSL Tasmania

206 New Town Rd

Telephone: 03 6242 8900
Facsimile: 03 6242 8911