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RSL Tasmania Backs Senator Lambie’s Call for Inquiry


On Sunday, 28 August 2016, it was reported in the media that RSL Tasmania has voiced its support for calls by Senator Jacqui Lambie for a Senate inquiry into veterans’ suicides and related issues, including delays and procedural issues within the current Department of Veterans’ Affairs claims process.  The issue of veterans’ health, suicides, and the impact of the current claims process and the added stress placed on people by the length of time it takes to resolve claims is an issue that has a serious impact on our members, and it is the position of RSL (Tasmania Branch) Inc. that it is imperative that these pressures be understood and addressed.

As stated previously in the media by the State President, Mr Robert Dick, “As a society, we have an obligation to ensure that we care for those called upon to serve and defend our country.  When there is a failure in the system that looks after and cares for these people, it is important to understand why that failure has occurred and to rectify it to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.  A Senate inquiry is the most appropriate vehicle to explore these failures and identify the best means to remedy the situation and hold those responsible for the failures to account.”

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