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State President

Robert Dick

Robert Dick

Robert Dick

Robert has been an active member of the RSL since 1991 and has held all executive committee positions at a Sub Branch level and has served on the Tasmanian State Executive since 2011.   He was elected to the position of State President in 2013.   During his time on the State Executive he has actively contributed to a number of initiatives that aim to ensure the future viability of the RSL and to build its reputation as the premier “Go to” ESO.   He has been responsible for raising the profile of the RSL in Tasmania across all levels of Government and in all forms of media in a positive manner.

Robert has a wealth of experience in the corporate management and governance gained through his previous employment not only within Defence, but also with a major Australian resource company in project management and the implementation and management of national and international contracts for goods and services.   Robert has served on the boards of the Bendigo Community Bank for Huon Valley Financial Service for four years and Huon Business Enterprise Center (BEC) for four years.

On relocating to Tasmania Robert successfully set up and ran his own business for 10 years before retiring from the work force enabling him to concentrate fully on his role as State President.

Robert is strongly committed to the on-going and future and growth of the RSL as an organization that is committed to the welfare of our veterans, serving ADF members, ex-servicemen and woman and their dependents

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