Returned and Services League Tasmania

Advocate & Entitlements Support Officer

Alex Dick

Alex Dick

Alex is a strong supporter of and believes in the RSL and its key principles. Although not ex-service himself, Alex comes from a military family and appreciates the challenges that military service can place on both the serving member and their family.

Alex initially undertook TIP training as a volunteer whilst working as Secretary/Treasurer with the Huon RSL Sub Branch, but stepped up into the full-time Advocate role at the State Branch in February 2015. Since then, demand for his services has been steadily increasing, and he has assisted many clients with accessing their entitlements through DVA. Alex has familiarity and experience in working with all three of the Acts that cover ex-service personnel in Australia, both at the primary claim level and at appeal level.

Alex has recently completed his studies in Business Law, attaining a B Comm. (Bus. Law) from Curtin University in Western Australia, providing additional understanding and experience in dealing with the law and legal framework in Australia and is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology with Swinburne University as well as completing his Masters of Business Administration (Corporate Governance) with University of Tasmania. Alex sees clients at ANZAC House by appointment, conducts home or hospital/nursing home visits if required, and also makes Saturday appointments available by request for clients unable to attend during normal ANZAC House business hours. Appointments can be made by contacting ANZAC House on 03 6242 8900 or by emailing Alex directly at

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